Update on New MLS Search Tool

The first two weeks have been useful since implementing the new MLS search here on RealCentralVA. Feedback has been 99% positive.

Here’s what I’m seeing so far –

1 – All the photos and virtual tours still aren’t coming over – I think this may have something to do with the type of feed they’re using, but we’ll sort it out soon.

2 – The Days on Market aren’t entirely accurate – they seem to be displaying the days since the listing was last updated rather than the actual Days on Market.

3 – The School districts still aren’t displaying, and this is quite frustrating as this was one of my most-anticipated features – to be able to save searches with multiple school districts.

4 – I’m setting up some pretty cool searches which I’ll be talking about in more detail soon. For example – Charlottesville foreclosures, Albemarle foreclosures, (more on the dynamics and specifics of these later), Homes in Albemarle with price reductions of at least 10 percent in the past four weeks, (and in the City of Charlottesville)

5 – I’m loving the RSS subscriptions.

6 – Diverse Solutions remains highly recommendable; they’re very responsive (usually respond within 24 hours).

I’m going to do a post in the next couple of days highlighting some of the key features of the search – search by MLS number, how each listing has a permanent link that you can email to your friends (or use in a blog post 🙂 ) …

To those using this – thank you. I sincerely appreciate the time you’ve spent using it and the feedback you’ve given, as well as your patience as we work out this new tool. Once it’s fully optimized I think it will be by far the best tool in the area.

What are your thoughts? What’s good and bad about it so far? How are you using it? Should I require registration to use it after an arbitrary number of searches?

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  1. Rick Osgood November 30, 2008 at 13:39

    Couple of comments about the search tool. I really do like the flexibility in the searches but I have noted a couple of things.
    1. When sending the detail on a particular property via e-mail the picture of the property often sits on top of the e-mail form that obscures some of the required field. I have tried this on several browsers and, IE, Firefox, Opera and same result, except once it did work . It may be version of Flash I am using but I think at least on IE, it is current.
    2. I can’t seem to figure out how to see my favorites. They do show up on the map as stars, however, when going to the “manage my searches and favorites” they don’t appear. Maybe I am doing something wrong or that is not implemented. Sometimes my saved searches appear and sometimes they do not

    Thanks for providing the search tool!

  2. Jim Duncan December 1, 2008 at 08:44

    Rick –

    Thanks so much for using and testing the tool. I’ve passed your comments on to the developers and hope to have answers soon.


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