When Forbes Says Charlottesville is Among The Best Educated Cities

They really mean the Central Virginia region (and they’re one of the very few lists to state that “Charlottesville” means “Charlottesville Metropolitan Statistical Area”). Either way, we’re in mighty heady company.

1 – Boulder, CO
2 -Ann Arbor, MI
3 – Washingon, DC
4 – San Jose, CA
5 – San Francisco, CA
6 – Southern Connecticut

7 – Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville, Va. MSA – ed. note: Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Nelson (and also, but not technically, Louisa)

Adult population: 123,269

Bachelor’s degrees: 29,038 (24%)

Master’s degrees: 13,970 (11%)

Professional degrees: 4,722 (4%)

Doctorates: 4,817 (4%)

It’s said that the greatest gathering of human knowledge in the White House occurred when Thomas Jefferson dined alone. The educated are still drawn to Charlottesville, Va., near Jefferson’s home of Monticello. Those college degrees are concentrated at the school that Jefferson founded–the University of Virginia.

8 – Durham, NC
9 – Boston, MA
10 – Fort Collins, CO

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