Search Tool Down

My nifty new “search for homes” tool is down, but I expect it’ll be fixed shortly.

Update – all seems to be well now. Also, Diverse Solutions released all sorts of updates today. –

A couple very useful changes we’ve also made to the front-end experience are:

– Sort listing results by % Price Drop
– Baths are now split into Full and Half Baths (where available)
– Cookieless Browsing is now supported

Sorting by % Price Drop can be very useful when trying to find great deals on the MLS. And of course having Full+Half Baths makes finding the perfect home easier.

Cookieless Browsing actually serves to correct two separate issues. The first being simply that some people have turned off Cookies (don’t know what cookies are? check this out).

So – Have at it – heck, post in the comments your favorite searches that you create!

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