Not Only is the Downtown Mall Walkable

It provides for a great day with the kids. I love Sean’s description of his day on the Downtown Mall with his kids. Read the whole thing.

I’m grateful to him for sharing.

One of the things I enjoy best in the world is putting both kids in our double stroller and walking the mile and a half to Charlottesville’s downtown mall. My three-year-old daughter loves to go so much.

“Downtown, Daddy! I want to go downtown!”

You hear that a lot at the house. There is so much to do and see downtown! And, looking outside the window it appears that today will be a great day to make a tremendous circuit. I reckon we’ll head down about 1:30 PM or so. It will take us about 30 minutes to get there.

I’ve written all this out to show that even though things aren’t optimal in my life at the moment, I know what is of chief importance to me – raising my children. I will have a tremendous day in Charlottesville.

And tomorrow? I’ll have one then, too.

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