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I’ll be speaking the 10th Grade Career day at Piedmont Virginia Community College on 12 March:

You will be in a classroom with about 22 students (plus a teacher) who have signed up to hear about a career in business and as an Entrepreneur. Students want to hear about the training and education needed to be successful, what job opportunities are available, what you do day-to-day, what you like and do not like about the job. I realize careers in this category can vary widely; you can try to give an overview and also talk about your own personal experiences and how you came to be in your own career.

This opportunity to speak fits in perfectly with my goal this year of building and contributing to the Charlottesville community; I’m excited.

Any thoughts on what to say to aspiring entrepreneurs? I think that a down economy is the most opportune time to make a venture into the world of self-employment.

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  1. Pavel February 25, 2009 at 22:49

    Have fun, Jim. Sounds great. Tell them they’ll have to learn the fine art of balancing work and family life and that the best “job opportunities available” will be the ones they create themselves.

  2. Frank B. LL0SA- FranklyRealty.com March 2, 2009 at 00:48

    Tell them they can and should start their entrepreneurial ideas today!

    Every experience leads to another experience.
    Just don’t get kicked out of school like I did for selling ninja stars in elementary school.


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