Bloggers and Their Rights

Bloggers deserve protected free speech too, and it looks like Waldo Jaquith, with the help of the VA ACLU, Thomas Jefferson Center for Protection of Free Expression, and Public Citizen, is set to prove that fact (again).

The time will come I suspect when a real estate blogger is going to be placed in a similar situation, whether it’s a freedom of speech issue or a journalism -vs- advertising suit.

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  1. ines March 7, 2009 at 15:27

    Unfortunately, it will take more cases for us to know where bloggers will fall with regards to “protection” – right now we’re in the middle and left to the jaws of non-precedence.

  2. Jim Duncan March 8, 2009 at 21:14

    Bill –

    Thanks so much. We’re in uncertain times for sure, and I hope that we as Realtors/bloggers/journalists recognize the stakes.


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