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A question from a reader:

I am a Veteran and am interested in moving to the Charlottesville area. What would be the best way to get some job descriptions for NGIC jobs so that I can see if my qualifications match up with positions there?

And a response from a friend/client:

go here

Anything listed as “Army Intelligence and Security Command” with a location of “Charlottesville, VA” is an NGIC job. If that query string above doesn’t work, the main site is here .

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  1. Anslem Gentle March 10, 2009 at 15:22

    Other Ways to get a Job at NGIC.

    As a former, and perhaps a return, employee at NGIC, I thought I would pass on a couple of other ways to get a job working for the center. Other than going to USAjobs, which only lists govt jobs, you can also try to work there via a Defense Contractor or Reservist on Active duty.

    Defense Contactor: Its very hard to determine which Contracting company actually has positions at NGIC, so the best thing to do is look under Charlottesville on the major Job Boards like Monster. Another few good ones to try are and

    Reservist: If you have the relevant job skills (primarily intel) you can contact the Reserve Command and see if they have any tours available at NGIC. Some of these tours can last from 90 to 365 days.

    As NGIC primarily deals in Intelligence, 98% of the positions will require a security clearance in order to be hired. Just to save you a lot of time, if you don’t have a current clearance, or haven’t had one in the last two years, don’t bother with the Defense Contractors. They have to pay the US Govt just to process your application and since it is very expensive and there is no guarantee that you will be granted a clearance, they won’t even consider you for a position unless you already hold a clearance. As a Reservist, if you have the relevant specialty, then you should already have a clearance. If you do not possess a security clearance, then your best bet is to apply for a govt position. If the govt deems that you have the skills they require (scientist, engineer, administrative, etc. ), then they will submit you for a clearance and if you pass the intial background screening, you can start work on an interim basis until the full clearance is granted.

    There is of course more to this process than I have described, but this is just a simple overview to give you an idea as to what is involved in obtaining a position at NGIC. Happy Hunting.

  2. Deb Yeagle December 21, 2009 at 14:20

    If you are still seeking a job in the C’ville area, then please contact me ( I am seeking Intel/WTI Analysts to support the Counter IED Targeting Program at NGIC.
    Even if you are not interested, please be aware that we have a $6000 referral bonus program for all resumes received by 1/15/10 resulting in hires by 2/28/10.

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