What Makes Living in Charlottesville Special?

Sean Tubbs likens the first weekend in April to baseball’s Opening Day:

Charlottesville's Downtown Mall

Today is the first Saturday of April, and it appears that the Charlottesville we all live here for has returned in all its full glory. This blossoming has me feeling absolutely buoyant and jubilant about the decision I made to live here way back in August of 2002.

Let me set the scene. I’m sitting underneath the awning at Miller’s listening to a band that’s playing in front of that expensive stationary store. I say band, but it’s really a teenage kid playing with a drummer. I can also hear jazz music playing through the tinny speaker above my head.

Let’s go back and add one more prepositional phrase to my description of where I’m sitting: under the awning on the patio. Crowds keep milling by, and everyone’s smiling in the sunshine. The music is part of one of the downtown group’s celebrations of the re-opening this section of the mall, which is an odd idea considering there are orange fences blocking off the sections of the Mall where the patio for both Hamilton’s and Miller’s are usually located.

But, so what? I think it’s appropriate to celebrate what I’d like to think of as Charlottesville’s opening day.

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It’s doesn’t hurt that the weather on this particular weekend was absolutely perfect, but it’s gratifying to read such a wonderful depiction of a weekend in Charlottesville – mainly because it’s all true.

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