Belvedere is Moving Along

Kate says that clear, definite and positive progress is happening in Belvedere:

And then joy of joys, we learn a family with kids is moving in next door, one is a boy my son’s age! I mention this to my son and he says, Don’t obsess about it mom.

The other day, the four of us (Bret, myself and our two kids) hopped on our bicycles after dinner and cycled all around Belvedere and Dunlora. As we arrived back in our garage, I lifted up a tennis racket and said, Tennis Anyone? My son yelped with delight. Well, it was late so we didn’t end up going down to the tennis court, but the point was we could have. As I lay in bed that night I thought, this is exactly what I wanted: A neighborhood and an active lifestyle. It was just what Belvedere promised, too, and it delivered. I have never in my life lived in a place where I could ride around safely on a bike with my kids the way we do here. I can’t believe that I got exactly what I wanted, even if it was just in that moment there.

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