Search for Homes by Price Reduction

Everyone wants to know what’s happening to prices in the Charlottesville market.

Can you search by price reductions? Yep. You can do that, too.

And, if you sign up, not only can you get updated daily whenever homes that meet your criteria see price reductions, but you can make your own searches, rather than depend on anyone else.

Search for charlottesville Homes by price reduction

Interestingly, there is not a similar functionality in the back-end of the Charlottesville MLS. Good job, Solid Earth. Now, if Diverse Solutions can implement something like this – I’d be mightily pleased.

This last week we added a new function in flexmls Web to allow users to edit map shapes, name them and change their color. You can click to grab any point and move it to change the shape, and you can click in the center of the shape to drag it to a new position.

Inspired by Trulia’s recent announcement of a similar feature on Trulia.

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  1. William Price April 6, 2011 at 04:54

    THanks a lot for posting this service in this article. I really find it useful for people like me who is planning to get a house. Well, I have to got ahead and check this out further first.


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