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And a local land baron to boot. Very interesting conversation at Cvillenews centered around the Daily Progress’ excellent piece on the possibility of a(nother) Wal-Mart on 29 North.

As with most anything in this world, it seems that money talks. And Places 29 needs a whole lotta work.

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  1. Jim September 9, 2009 at 21:17

    Say what you want, but Places29 is a good plan, compared to the total lack of planning that has allowed 29N to turn into what it is. Have you seen an in depth presentation by County staff on the plan? It looks like an infinitely more livable place than what’s there.

    The 29N businesses are crazy not to get behind it, given that it would result in more residents/consumers, better road connections, no “Bypass” of their businesses (still don’t understand why a business would want to be bypassed), higher property values, and a general transformation from faceless “sprawl” to a real a sense of place.

    How can the real estate/business community throw stones at a plan that would make one of the least desirable places in the County a better place to live?


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