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You may have noticed that posting has been light here recently. I noted a month ago how I was aiming to re-focus RealCentralVA a bit – back to my roots, if you will. And I’m having a lot of fun with posterous. I said on Facebook a few weeks ago:

I’m using it differently for now – it’s a place for me to express my opinions and share on things/concepts/news/etc that don’t “fit” anywhere else that I write.

It’s become a bit of a replacement for TwitPic. It’s a great place to share snippets of information, and I’m trying to write more original stuff of late.

Most of it tends to be local to my area, and I’m deliberately not seeking out other re.net folks to subscribe to, etc. because, frankly, I’m tired of the lemming-nature (not meant in a negative way & not that there’s anything wrong with that) that has developed there … this is more for me, how my main blog, RealCentralVA.com started – for me to write and share.

That said, I’m sharing through delicious and twitter and facebook and finding that I’m having different conversations in each forums (except for delicious) – and that has been great.

Realtors versus Real estate agents – is there a difference? (not in the consumers’ eyes)

Buyer’s Agent “incentive”

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– Me coming from underneath a crawl space with a home inspector. Seeing issues first hand puts me in a far better position to negotiate on behalf of my clients. (it’s why I take pictures and video in addition to the inspectors’ reports)

I'll go ahead and say it. Most Realtors wouldn't do this.

This is the hole where we were

The new HUD.

Photowalking between Crozet Elementary and Home.

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