Crozet Master Plan up for Review

Bumped back to the top because the conversation at RealCrozetVA is pretty good.

And now, rather than eighteen months after the fact, is the time to voice your opinion, rather than eighteen months or three years from now.

From Charlottesville Tomorrow:

With the adoption of the plan in December 2004, community leaders believed they had a twenty-year plan that would cap Crozet’s population at a maximum of 12,000. Crozet is estimated to have a population of 5,336 people today.

However, Crozet residents began to ask questions after the approval of the Old Trail Village development (up to 2,200 homes).  In response to their concerns, in January 2006, County staff announced their new assessment of the ultimate build out population of Crozet after reinterpreting the land use map adopted as part of the plan. They found the plan depicts population densities that, when fully built out, could allow a population range between 15,816 and 24,758 people.

Mike Marshall, the chair of the Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC), said he thought the master plan would guide the maximum population towards around 12,000. He said the population issue is the main concern of the advisory group.

“The town felt sort of like they’d been betrayed, that the plan hadn’t been followed,” Marshall told the Commission. He said the community wants the map to reflect expectations that the total build-out of Crozet will be 12,000, no matter the year.

County Planner Elaine Echols said the land use map will be updated during the review, and it will reflect developments that have been built since 2004.

There is a good discussion at RealCrozetVA right now about Crozet’s Streetscape plans that has evolved into a good discussion on growth in Crozet.

Commenter Edward Strauss says:

Why do you think that Crozet has done an admirable job of balancing growth? Crozet is not a town. There is no local Crozet govt.

Disclosure: I live in Crozet and one of my goals is to never have to get in my car to show property as I’d like to be able to ride my bike everywhere. I’m not quite there yet …

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