Taylor Davidson succinctly describes what I think many are seeking in this über-connected world.

Why I Love Communities from Taylor Davidson on Vimeo.

We see so many communities in the Charlottesville, Virginia area whose communities are accentuated, facilitated, enlightened and enlivened by “Web 2.0*” that it’s heartening to see and know that the need and desire for personal interaction seems to only be getting stronger.

*Vomit. What’s a new, more descriptive term for using technology to communicate, engage and interact?

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  1. Taylor Davidson October 11, 2009 at 09:56

    Thank you Jim; the important bit to me, personally, is that even as much of our communication, entertainment and “value-creation” shifts to online mediums, the real value lies in combining the online and the offline.

    As as a 2-time ex-Charlottesville resident myself, I’d be curious on your take on how the Cville community (people, business, govt and UVA) have or have not used online tools effectively to integrate the disparate communities in Cville. Ping me if you’ve got some thoughts…

  2. Jim Duncan October 11, 2009 at 20:53

    Taylor –

    Thank you for the comment; that’s quite an interesting question. We’re seeing great interaction “in real life” – starting in the techie and real estate (believe it or not) community and making its way further into the community, but I’m not sure we’ve seen integration amongst the disparate communities …

    Let me see who else I can bring into this conversation …


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