OpenSpace in Charlottesville – Month One

I’ve made secret of my desire for the new OpenSpace in Charlottesville. The following is from them, and I think what they offer tracks well with where I see tomorrow’s (and today’s) Realtor

And dear FTC. I haven’t received sort of comp or compensation for this or any post.

We are glad to have your business and are excited about the response we have received from the Charlottesville community. New members like you are joining daily, booking has increased for conference and collaborative studios, and local news groups are paying attention.

Thank you for your feedback over these first days. Your input will help us create a space that suits your work and collaboration needs. A member of our concierge staff will be in the space at all times during business hours ( to make sure your experience in the workspace is productive, comfortable, and fun.

Some of you have already brought up very good questions…

May I use the kitchen and store my own food? – OpenSpace users are welcome to all areas of the space, including the refrigerator, freezer, and convection microwave. If you do store personal food, please label it with your name. While we do keep snacks and drinks at the coffee bar, additional beverages are kept in the kitchen fridge. Help yourself! Dirty dishes can go in the sink or be left at your workspace. Our concierge staff is there to keep the space organized and clean.

May I use the conference and collaborative studios? – You are free to use any of our conference and collaborative studios, provided they are not reserved. To make a reservation, contact me or a member of the concierge staff. Conference and collaborative studio pricing is per person, per hour based on your Pay As You Go or Monthly plan rate.

What if I want to bring a client or colleague into the workspace? – Use OpenSpace as if it is your office. Whether with a client or colleague, you may use any of the workstations in OpenSpace for your collaborative meeting. Your client will need to quickly check in at the concierge desk to get started. Most monthly account holders may add authorized users to their account. The number of additional users depends on the type of plan you have. Other account holders may bring clients in at the same per person per hour rate as their plan. The time your client spends in OpenSpace will be deducted from your Pay As You Go or Monthly account.

Can I print, fax, copy, or scan? – You are welcome to use our printer. We will add a scanner and copier in the weeks ahead. If there are other additions that would make your workspace more productive, let a member of our concierge staff know.

Where do you get the snacks in the gallery? – We strive to use as many local providers as we can. OpenSpace is currently building relationships with vendors from Charlottesville and other parts of Virginia to provide snacks and beverages. Currently our food is supplied by The Baker’s Palette, Hot Cakes and Bodos, with Standard Produce bringing in fresh fruit and vegetables. We partner with local restaurants like Sticks, Orzo, Baggby’s, and Revolutionary Soup. If you have favorites, let us know.

Where should I park? – There are 2-hour parking spots on Monticello Avenue. We also validate up to two hours in the Water Street parking garage. Remember to bring your ticket to the concierge on duty for validation.

What if I have comments or suggestions? – Until the grand opening on November 12th, our time is dedicated to making OpenSpace as good as it can be and we’re learning more every day. Mac adaptors? Scanning software? Large flat screen monitors? Decaf coffee? Preferred radio stations? Your use of the space and the suggestions we receive will help us decide which features and technology are most needed.

How can I spread the word? – BIG NEWS! Our introductory pricing now includes a first month for FREE. Yes, you read it right. Pay the $25 set-up fee for your OpenCard and then work at OpenSpace for one month absolutely free. If you already have an OpenSpace account, we will not charge your account until the last day of your second month. We hope you’ll share this news with your colleagues and friends, but most of all we hope you’ll work out of the most innovative work and conference space in Charlottesville . Visit our website at for more information.

Twitter: @GetOpenSpace

Facebook: /OpenSpaceCoworking

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