Thanks to WCAV

For including me on their list of “Wired Business people in Charlottesville

From the story:

CBS19’s Bianca Spinosa profiles a list of three local business leaders who are “wired-in.” They use all the high-tech tools to communicate and keep their businesses prospering.

From cyber space to work space, these three local business people know how to make the most of their passions.

Real estate agent Jim Duncan just moved into his new office this summer. Back in May, it was completely empty. Duncan’s blog, Real Central VA, is an online mecca for locals wanting expert real estate analysis with a personal touch.

“I am more cognizant of my readership now. Frequently I’ll write stories for my readers, whereas in the beginning it was purely for me,” explains Duncan of Nest Realty.

Thousands of people read Duncan’s blog every day

“I’m passionate about real estate, about my clients, and about learning,” says Duncan via a You Tube video on his site.

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