Time for Government to Get out of the Trash Business?

Is it time for the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority to accept its (possible) obsolescence? Charlottesville and Albemarle folks should read this story, and ask questions of our elected officials.

Dave Mcnair at The HooK has a great story about the impact the Vanderlinde single-stream recycling facility has had on the government’s own trash business.

There are two issues –

1) The lawsuit

2) The future of the government-run operation – the RWSA – in light of what seems to be competition that, left to the open market would close down the RWSA’s trash business.

What if this comes true?

So, will Van der Linde’s MRF become our area’s landfill of the future? Will the RSWA become obsolete before their lawsuit even gets to court? And who will win the lawsuit? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Van der Linde appears to be the only true waste disposal game in town.

Do we, as trash-producing, tax paying citizens need or want government to keep doing what’s obsolete?

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