10 Ways to Go Green in Charlottesville

Andrew at C-Ville points out Ten steps to a greener Charlottesville.

The two real estate-specfic tips:


Who doesn’t love to see a neighbor’s knickers adrift in the wind?

Lots of folks, apparently: Fifty million American homes are banned from hanging clotheslines on their property.

Project Laundry List, a clothesline advocacy group, lists the Rosemont Homeowners Association in Ivy, as one local region where the use of clotheslines is banned. That’s likely just one among many.


It used to be that kids walked to school, no questions asked. They often did so uphill, both ways. As childhood obesity rates skyrocket, hoofing it is increasingly regarded as a heroic effort in a region where new development tends to leave kids further from schools, and closer to the candy store. All of this in a world that grows less safe with each passing day.

solar panels, clotheslines, flagpoles (#Barfoot) … what’s next?

The City of Charlottesville has quite a few homes for sale with high Walkscores:

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