An Interesting Question – Schools and Housing Values

Seth Godin asks in the “Ubiquity of Competition”:

There are twenty towns you can choose for your family’s new home. One invests in its schools, has a focus on inquiry, AP courses and community, while the others are muddling through, arguing about their future. Which one commands a higher premium for its houses?

There are seventy houses for sale in town. One of them is represented by a broker who is a pillar of the community, a friend of many and a role model for the industry. Which one gets more people to its open house?

There are eighty million blogs to choose from. Thanks for picking mine to read today.

You don’t have to like competition in order to understand that it exists. Your fair share isn’t going to be yours unless you give the public a reason to pick you.

Whenever buyer clients ask me about the quality of Charlottesville and Albemarle County schools, I answer with a market-based response. I hope that I will be able to continue answering the same way for years to come.

Competition is good, useful and the best innovation change agent I can think of. Here’s to a competitive 2010.

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