City Neighborhood Liaison – Needed?

The City of Charlottesville is contemplating adding a “neighborhood advocate” to liaise with City neighborhood associations. What about the neighborhoods without associations? Should there be a liaison for them as well?

I vote for her:

“It’s a bad use of city funds and there are too many other programs and efforts that I think the city should be involved in,” said Adena Imlay, president of the Meadowbrook Hills/Rugby Neighborhood Association. Imlay said creating another layer of bureaucracy in local government to work with neighborhoods is not the answer.

“It’s like a cancer. It just grows and grows and grows and grows,” she said.

I’m curious – why can’t people who want to be involved call the city and advocate for themselves?

This clip has one bad word, so beware. In this case, replace “customers” with “citizens” and “engineers” with either “staff” or “politicians”.

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