Wednesday Thought – Connecting via Bike and Walking


It’s something that more and more of my clients are seeking. One of the very first features desired by clients with whom I just met was “walkability” – being able to walk to stuff – grocery stores, coffee shops, parks … but there’s another aspect of walkability and bikeability that I have noticed since I started my effort to bike and walk around Charlottesville and Crozet – (Kelly’s biking to work now)

I’m more connected to my community. I see people more, I wave more, I see Charlottesville from a different perspective than that from a car.

This is a prime example – There is a pothole in Crozet on Crozet Avenue. This is what it looks like from my car:

Two Crozet Photos - Speed Reminder & a Pothole

And this is what it looks like when walking (incidentally, I took this photo after walking my younger one to school, stopping at the Crozet Mudhouse on the way to and from):

Walked the kid to school this morning

Granted, it’s just a pothole, but think about if it were a friend, or a dog, or a client, or a garden …Using Walkscore, these are some of the most walkable homes for sale in Crozet and these are some of the most walkable homes for sale in Charlottesville.

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