Watching the Weather in Charlottesville

Summer brings thunderstorms, usually short, sometimes violent, often traffic-headache-inducing. Luckily, we have a fantastic grouping of local media to tell us about it.

For me, learning about and following storms starts with Twitter. But I hear these TV stations, radio stations and newspapers also have other outlets through which they distribute information. 🙂 See the bottom of this post to see their real hubs.

It’s so much more fun to watch/participate in thunderstorms in Charlottesville thanks to Twitter. @DailyProgress @CBS19WeatherThu Jun 03 20:26:13 via TweetDeck

A Brief Rundown Of Storm Damage And Traffic Issues Jun 03 20:24:04 via API

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for south central Albemarle County until 5:15pm. Storms look like they are building back west. ~SBThu Jun 03 20:29:49 via web

Severe T-Storm WARNING until 4:15 PM for: Albermarle, C’ville, Greene, Madison, Culpeper, Orange. Moving east at 45 mph.Thu Jun 03 19:42:13 via HootSuite

Charlottesville road hazard map: Continuously updated.Thu Jun 03 20:23:05 via TweetDeck

(some of the) Charlottesville news organizations:

NBC 29

CBS 19

Daily Progress


The HooK

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