Twitter Week in Review

  • Fascinating question on CSPAN this morning – "Is America exceptional?" #
  • I'd like to take the day off to watch the #worldcup but I'd rather try and earn some new business. #
  • The folks here are Awesome. They fix my glasses at least 3 times a year. (@ Visionworks) #
  • Second set of new listing photos of the day. I'm really just in the way w/ the pro photographer doing the work. #
  • RT @LisaSanderson: 🙂 jussayin…. [shhhhh!] #
  • I'm sure this means something to the geeks (said respectfully) in Charlottesville. #
  • RT @gregslateragent: Did you know as of July 1 its costs $10,700 for a new water meter from the Albemarle County Service Authority? #
  • It's easy to start the day showing houses early when the weather's this great. Wish it would stay like this. #
  • #emptygym Woo-hoo! #
  • [Fire them.] RT @Marijean: RT @kmatthews: Kind of an interesting ethics question… what do you do when clients' (cont) #
  • ~150 miles, 2 buyers, 12 homes, 10 hours. Hungry & ready to catch up on what happened today. Lots of email, to say the least. #
  • Thank goodness for @GetOpenSpace . Saved me today. Run in, run out. Exactly what I was hoping for when they opened. #
  • I have 1/3 tank of gas, two sets of buyers & have to finalize prep. I may introduce 2nd set to Charlottesville's gourmet gas stations today #
  • @PhxREguy it's about 62 here. 🙂 in reply to PhxREguy #
  • @dillonknows @EvanLevy @shashafarmer what are you looking for? in reply to dillonknows #
  • Message from Sen. Warner's office: you emailed us about something sometime ago. Thank you. We're listening. –Next time, just ignore me. #
  • @carolineemerson @EatAtEppie I wish I could have been there! I'm showing a house in Nelson instead. 🙂 in reply to carolineemerson #
  • Sign a vacant house hasn't had many showings: cobwebs across doorway & stairways. #
  • Missing the #smccville meetup today. Darn it. But I'll be showing property, so there. #
  • Since I updated my blackberry to yesterday, it's frozen at least 6 times. Sweet #
  • Heard on CNBC: 30% of mortgages written last month were on foreclosures. This is good news, as we're burning thru nat'l inventory #
  • RT @SMCCville: RT @Marijean -Looking forward to seeing friends at #smccville tweetup at Eppie's tomorrow #
  • @ceruns that's what you get for having a landline. 🙂 in reply to ceruns #
  • So, Congress *can* move quickly. Home buyer tax credit closing extension has life. #
  • Least comforting lender statement of the day: guidelines are "nebulous" & "ambiguous". #
  • RT @DavidGibbons: If only I could find an article on how to use social media in business … #echochamber [heh.] #
  • Amazing sky tonight in Crozet #
  • Incredible sky tonight. #
  • I want it to rain, but notsomuch that my soccer game gets canceled. #
  • Sign of the times: mailbox for this new neighborhood has been discontinued. They don't make them with the newspaper holders anymore. #
  • Listening to the podcast of yesterday's radio show; I'm 18 minutes in and my show notes are looong. We covered a lot. #
  • Client flew in yesterday from across the country to see houses in Charlottesville & is depending on me. Humbling opportunity #
  • RT @rachnicole: @drewmeyers Happy Birthday Mr. Meyers! Hope your having an awesome time, enjoying your b-day in Greece! #
  • With refereeing tragedies like this, I'd like to see the other team allow an own goal to even the score. Shameful decisions. #worldcup #
  • RT @jessicachapin: I'm not quite sure how I feel about this: I rather like freedom of (cont) #
  • Radio over. Some good & hard questions today. A good conversation. Now to show some condos in the city. #
  • Radio over. Now to show some condos in the city. #
  • Just before I went on the radio. Notes, laptop, blackberry, coffee & water. I'm ready. #
  • Tune into WNRN 91.9 in 5 minutes; we'll be discussing what's going on in real estate. #
  • This Charlottesville bicyclist ran two red lights. #

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