Some City of Charlottesville Schools to be Consolidated

This should be interesting news to those considering relocating to the City of Charlottesville:

Consolidating to have one middle school would also allow the division to combine its administrative offices and stop leasing city buildings for certain programs.

The city has six elementaries, one upper elementary school, one middle school and one high school. Preschool programs are located at the six elementary schools, but having one middle school will necessitate that preschoolers move into one location to have enough space for the fifth-graders.

Surely the irony was not lost on the author of the DP article when they put this quote in:

“Where will the funding come from?” asked parent Kathryn Buzzoni, a Fluvanna County resident who has a kindergartener at Venable Elementary and was concerned that those costs could result in a cutback in other services.

I’m sure there are blogs in Charlottesville discussing this from the parents’ point of view, but I haven’t been able to locate them. Yet.

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