Charlottesville’s Retail Relay raises Nearly $3 Million

Congratulations are in order … :

Retail Relay Inc. has raised $2.96 million, according to a pair of SEC filings.

The online grocery retailer took in $2 million from an equity offering, while raising $959,836 from an offering of convertible notes.

Retail Relay is a pretty fascinating concept that speaks to the growing locavore movement that is so prevalent in Charlottesville, as well as the busy schedules of many people. Put simply: local foods come to you!

C-Ville had a nice description recently of what Retail Relay does:

The way Relay works is simple: you log on to their website, select from an extensive list of groceries (and gifts, cleaning supplies, etc.), pay with your credit card, select a pick-up location (or home delivery), then go get your necessaries in one easy trip. They even put the bags in your car (bring your own reusable totes for extra greenie points)!

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