Tune Into WNRN This Sunday – 29 May 2011

Who can resist listening to an hour-long conversation about the Charlottesville real estate market? (besides my wife)

Once again, Matt Hodges I and will be talking with Rick Moore on Sunday’s show at 11am.

What questions do you have? What would you like for us to discuss?

This is the post from the last time we were on the radio in January; looking back, we covered an awful lot of ground – from foreclosures to the nomadic class to the impact DIA and NGIC are having on the market.

This time, I’m thinking:

– Better to Rent versus Own?

– (in)Consistencies in the Charlottesville and national real estate market

-FHA downpayments increasing?

– Higher down payments (I think they’re good)

– Foreclosures

– Why it’s a fantabulouso time to buy or sell

– Data – where we are

– Realtor productivity update

– Who’s buying (and what their motivations are)

– Sociological benefits of a recession

– Backyard gardens and homesteading

– Maybe throw in something about the TSA and #gaterape. Just because.

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