CLAW + Kickstarter = A Cool Movie?

People move to and stay in Charlottesville because of the various things that make this place a great place to live.

CLAW – Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers is one of those special things, and they’re trying to make a movie with the help of Kickstarter*

Help them, won’t you? Come on, you can spare $1, right?

(thanks, John for pointing this out)

* What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.

We believe that:

• A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide.

• A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

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