This List Could (mostly) Describe Charlottesville

And by “Charlottesville” I mean “CharlAlbemarle” …

Seth Godin describing New York City:

• It’s different here (as in not the same)
• You can find someone to have an argument with, about just about anything
• There are fringes–cultural, educational, architectural, societal
• More than 42 languages are spoken at the Queens public library
• You can get something that’s not the regular kind
• There are profit-seekers who will happily sell you something, anything
• There are many who do things for no profit at all and will eagerly entertain, entrance and change you for the better
• You will find a diversity of religious belief like no other
• It’s changing
• The food hasn’t been entirely homogenized
• People are active
• A stranger will go out of his way for you, perhaps, and more often than you expect
• There is more information per minute, per meter and per interaction
• Neighborhoods are more important than homogeneity, and co-existing is most important

I like Charlottesville. It’s different, and fun and cool. Most of the time.

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