My Home’s LEAP Energy Makeover Continues

Today was interesting. As part of the LEAP Energy Makeover, the 2nd phase of my home’s energy efficient makeover began:

Day one (Monday) started with having a few exhaust vents addressed.
Day two (Wednesday) brought the foam insulation as the builder neglected to put insulation in the floor.
Day three (Thursday) is going to add some missing insulation to two of our walls.

Foam insulation’s not cheap, and it wasn’t fully covered by the award, but doing it was the right choice, as the alternative was going to be far less effective. We’re nearing the finish of the makeover, and I an my family are looking forward to feeling the difference, both in our home and in our monthly budget.

I said in the beginning – I’m excited to have won this award not just because it’s going to benefit my family, but also because the knowledge I gain will be beneficial to my clients. I have a feeling that I will be encouraging energy efficiency tests as part of what I bring to my buyer representation services.

And about 7 minutes later

This is a good video that shows more detail about spray foam insulation.

Update 27 October 2011

Thank you to Mike at APM Energy, LLC for the work he did and Weather Seal for the insulation.

This is the finished product (turn your sound down – the fan is quite loud)

Finished insulation


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