City-County Revenue Sharing, Albemarle County Redistricting and Property Taxes

Three big stories if you live in (or are considering moving to) Albemarle County:

Your elementary schools need balancing and need to be redistricted. (always check your school district before you buy!)

(Update: these are the options for redistricting Hollymead and Baker Butler)

Rob Bell is seeking to revisit the revenue sharing agreement between the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle. (

– Albemarle County is working on its budget for the next fiscal year.

Now would be a good time to start paying attention to these three stories that will be bigger when they actually happen, as is usually the case.

Albemarle to hold meetings on school redistricting

Albemarle County Public Schools will hold two public meetings this week on redistricting at a pair of county elementary schools. Parents of students at Hollymead and Stony Point elementaries will have a chance to address a redistricting committee tonight and Thursday.

Hollymead’s public meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. today (yesterday) at Hollymead Elementary. Stony Point’s meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, also at the school in question.

Bell to re-introduce bill on city-county revenue sharing

Del. Rob Bell, R-Albemarle, confirmed Tuesday that he will re-introduce a budget amendment that would send more funding to county schools. Bell’s amendment would adjust the state’s composite index to take the revenue-sharing agreement between Albemarle County and the city of Charlottesville into account.

The agreement, signed in 1982, was originally designed to keep the city from annexing county land. In return for keeping its land, the county agreed to give the city an annual payment equal to 10 cents of the real estate property tax rate collected in the county. The contribution is capped at 10 percent of the total assessed real estate values.

And … they are having discussions about property taxes for next year, as determined by the Albemarle County budget:

As proposed by the County Executive (see the Five Year Financial Plan for yourself (PDF) )

(bolding mine)

First Scenario (Status Quo)

– Addresses essential components
– Balances the plan at the current rate of 74.2
– Provides tax reductions for the average homeowner when compared with FY09
– Minimal increases to schools to address new mandates
– Unable to make progress in funding capital program
– Minimally addresses core public safety needs
– Continues delay in improved library services in Crozet/Ivy
– Provides modest support for our evolving workforce

Second Scenario (Addressing Strategic Priorities)

– Addresses essential components
– Balances the plan at the equalized rate of 76.5
– Holds the line on taxes for the average homeowner when compared to FY09
– Assists school system in addressing new mandates
– Begins modest steps to address delayed capital needs
– Increases transfer, dedicates 1⁄2 penny to capital
– Provides new library services to the Crozet/Ivy areas
– Assures adequate level of EMS service in Pantops area through partnership with MJH, meets other public safety priorities
– Better recognizes staff and supports our evolving workforce

Wed, Dec 7th, 9:00 am — BOS Work Session at the County Office Building — Public Comment opportunity
This work session will provide further discussion of the County’s Five-Year Financial Plan

Wed, Dec 14th, 4:00 pm — BOS Work Session at the County Office Building — no opportunity for public comment
This work session is scheduled to approve the Five-Year Financial Plan

The Albemarle County budget making process is lengthy. The BOS began their planning meetings in October, the first public hearing on the County Executive’s recommended budget will be held in late February and the tax rate will be set in April.

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