Hotel-a-Palooza in CharlAlbemarle

C-Ville reports on the coming boom of hotels in Charlottesville-Albemarle.

In light of the Cavalier Inn’s reprieve, (from 2009) …

When the Board of Visitors first approved the Arts Gateway to the University of Virginia in 2007, the project—an estimated $118 million plan that would include, among other buildings, a new art museum at the current site of the Cavalier Inn—was slated to begin construction during the spring of 2009. Now, with renovations underway for the UVA Art Museum on Rugby Road, Vice Provost for the Arts Elizabeth Hutton Turner says that plans for the Arts Gateway are on “indefinite hold.”

… it seems there are going to be quite a supply of hotel rooms in Charlottesville.

As an aside, it’s a damn shame that the only working outbound links in the story I wrote in 2005 about the Cavalier Inn’s plans are to my own site and to cvillenews, not to the Cavalier Daily and not, in cvillenews’ case, to the Richmond Times Dispatch. Links are historical references.

As I said on Twitter:

“Media that break links are damaging history; links are historical references. @DailyProgress @cavalierdaily @RTDnews”

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