Charlottesville’s Downtown (Mall)

As you might not have seen before.

Thanks to CharlottesvilleDTM for the pointer.

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  1. RobE July 9, 2012 at 18:28

    I really want to see the downtown Charlottesville area like this. Unfortunately, the video isn’t 100% accurate. It didn’t show the numerous panhandlers with their dogs that approach you as you walk the mall or the groups of kids that are loud and obnoxious running around while you sit outside eating. The only reason I go to the downtown mall anymore is if a movie is playing that isn’t playing at the other theaters in Albemarle. I can’t wait for the Barracks road IMAX theater to open. I won’t have a reason to even go downtown.

    1. Jim Duncan July 10, 2012 at 05:32


      I agree somewhat; I was at lunch last week, eating outside the Paramount and the activity at Central Place made for a less-than-optimal dining experience.

      One of the key differences between Stonefield and the Downtown Mall is that the Downtown Mall is public space and they have far different limitations to deal with such behavior and activity than will a private space such as Stonefield. This cuts both ways though – Stonefield will be able to prevent/remove bad actors but also will be able to prevent necessary public speech/protest.


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