Charlottesville Tomorrow Launches New Website

Charlottesville Tomorrow is one of the very few websites that I send consistently to those who are moving within the Charlottesville area and to those who are relocating to the Charlottesville area. They launched their new site, moving away from Typepad, on Friday.

Check out their Topics page. Want to know about the Western Bypass? Simple naming structure – . Crozet Master Plan? Yep – it’s there –

There is no better source for comprehensive Charlottesville – Albemarle growth, politics, land use, water, etc. information in the region. They allow me to be better informed about my community and thus, better able to inform and advise my clients.

Waldo at cvillenews notes that Charlottesville Tomorrow are running “a still-in-development open source content management system created by and for internet-first media outlets.”


1 – I think everyone who works at Charlottesville Tomorrow is awesome.

2 – I’ve donated a tiny amount of money to Charlottesville Tomorrow over the years.

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