A Fourth Hotel is Coming to Charlottesville

Pretty soon, finding a hotel room in Charlottesville will be easy. Charlottesville Tomorrow reports that another hotel is planned for Charlottesville – this one where the Regal 4 (also known as the one behind K-Mart, or the one behind the long-gone Terrace Triple).

Keep in mind that this new hotel is very close (though not in the way apparently) to the proposed Hillsdale Drive Extended, assuming the funds stay put for the road, of course,

So … a Hyatt, a Hilton, a Residence Inn … and a Homewood Suites. That’s a lot of rooms.

I know it’s silly, but I wonder if anyone’s thought about the traffic impact in that area; Hydraulic/29/250 is often times a disaster.

* One year, the Landmark downtown will be finished, adding even more rooms.

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  1. Bryan Alexander January 21, 2013 at 06:46

    The previously reported Hilton was actually supposed to be a Homewood Suites (they are part of the Hilton family of brands). Since it looks like the same development company is now slated to be building the Homewood Suites at the Regal 4 site as had been reported for the Rio Rd. site, perhaps they aren’t going to be developing on Rio Rd. after all? Regardless, it still will be a whole bunch of new hotel rooms in a short period of time.

    1. Jim Duncan January 22, 2013 at 06:34

      I thought so; thanks for clarifying that, Bryan.


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