Why buy? Why rent? How to choose an ethical real estate agent or mortgage broker? – WNRN 1-20-13

Why buy? Why rent? How to choose an ethical real estate agent or mortgage broker? What is quality inventory? Richmond Sunlight, the General Assembly and real estate. And lots, lots more. An hour of live radio goes fast. Prepping for said show takes hours. What follows are some show notes, links, supporting stories and more. If you’re interested in buying or selling in the Charlottesville area in 2013, I sincerely think this would way to spend an hour of your time.

As always, we cover a lot of ground in an hour. I do apologize; I spent an hour this morning listening to the show, researching links, putting said links in chronological order, previewed the story and *poof* it disappeared. So this story is a bit less than intended.

Matt started the show by unexpectedly noting my inclusion on the Inman 100 list; I don’t often share my accomplishments, but this is a pretty significant one and I appreciated his mentioning it.

Perhaps my personal favorite parts are the (at 16:50) “how you say ‘wait, don’t buy that now'” when your incomes depend on sales? And then we touch on (24:30) how the consumer has a responsibility to vet the people they hire. (if you want the questions I provide my prospective clients, ask me).

Listen to the podcast at Charlottesville Podcast Network.

Supporting and background links and stories we mentioned in the show –

What do I mean by “Quality Inventory

6 things to watch in the Charlottesville housing market in 2013

Looking at 2012, looking forward to 2013

– Property assessments’ relation to market value

Why I don’t want home prices to jump 10% this year

– “Winning a transaction” – sometimes it’s more than price (although Price Matters)

Has that house ever been a Meth Lab?

Stonefield, traffic, Stonefield’s impact on Seminole Square, Albemarle Square and residential areas.

Sitegeistgood data, good information

Politics – Will I fit In? – and Will I Fit in (Politically, in this Neighborhood)?

– Sellers, what does it mean to figure out where you sit in the market context?

Moody’s now has negative outlook for all U.S. universities

Scary Chart of the Day – Tuition Inflation

Some of the other stuff I read and had on hand for the show:

Some Comments on Housing Starts – Calculated Risk
US homebuilding is booming – and so are foreclosures for struggling ownersThe Guardian
The Future’s So Brignt … – Calculated Risk
Virginia Unemployment Statistics
Analysis: More Americans leave parental nest in boost for housing – Reuters
Rushing Into a Mortgage Can Prove CostlyNYTimes

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