29 North Area is Getting a Bigger Library

Good for the County for seeking to repurpose an existing building rather than building new.

It is a shame that there’s not an existing location which would be a central hub for connectivity via foot and bicycle traffic.

Neil Williamson at the Free Enterprise Forum has more.

What’s interesting to me is that as the new Crozet Library has grown, more and more of my buyer clients are mentioning that proximity to the library is a key factor in their “where to live” equation.


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  1. RobE May 2, 2013 at 09:42

    Unfortunately Hwy 29 and most of the county north of Hydraulic isn’t very bicycle or walker friendly. There are communities that are more walkable than others, like Forest Lakes and Hollymead Town Center, but these are the exception. There are no crosswalks on Hwy 29 north of UVA. I have seen people walking on Hwy 29 near Hollymead and pray they aren’t hit by fast moving traffic.

    1. Jim Duncan May 2, 2013 at 14:13

      Agreed. I don’t know that there is a realistic solution to make that area any more pedestrian or bicyclist-friendly … it’s likely to be auto-centric in perpetuity unless something drastic or catastrophic happens.


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