Could Charlottesville Copy CitiBike?

Anyone remember the yellow bike program in Charlottesville? Maybe the City of Charlottesville was just really ahead of its time.

I’m watching the CitiBike experiment in New York City and wondering if that could work in Charlottesville. I know this – it’s usually faster to ride my bike from my office in Downtown Charlottesville to various locations – attorneys offices in Court Square (a 4 minute bike ride versus a 10-12 minute drive, not including parking), to Para Coffee on the UVA Corner, coffee at Milli Joe’s on Preston …


Check out more citibike photos at flickr.

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  1. Stormy June 3, 2013 at 15:54

    Citibike is copying a wildly successful bikeshare program in DC. I doubt there’s the critical mass here to warrant the investment. UVa still has the Zipcar parking spaces, I think.

    1. Jim Duncan June 4, 2013 at 05:55

      I don’t know … I’d be curious to know how many trips could be used/saved between downtown and uva, or the downtown mall and belmont or the old Martha Jefferson (CFA) …

      Zipcar’s still at UVA, right?


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