An Outsider’s Take on a Weekend in Charlottesville

All in all, this is a well-researched (and linked) story that shows what a weekend in Charlottesville (and Albemarle) could be if you had seemingly unlimited time, stamina and funds. Most can’t stay at Keswick, but most can get a cup of coffee at Shenandoah Joe’s.

The whole thing is worth a read (or a solid skim).

Visitors are drawn to Charlottesville for a number of reasons: The University (UVA); to admire Thomas Jefferson’s architectural brilliance displayed in Monticello and the Rotunda; to see what all the hype is about with an expanding wine industry, or this time of year: to attend one of the many weddings thrown here by couples striving for a memorable nuptial weekend. …

The flight into CHARLOTTESVILLE AIRPORT was a smooth one until you land and realize that your luggage was lost during your layover. Deep Breath – The stress of the situation melts away as you gaze at the blue-tinted Blue Ridge Mountains, as calming as the ocean, in the distance.

They covered an awful lot of my favorite spots that really do define Charlottesville, from Continental Divide (a Google+ page?) to King Family to Bodo’s and Greenwood Gourmet.

But really, I’m super-impressed with the linkage that they offered — call me old-fashioned but there’s something more permanent about a link to someone’s actual presence on the interwebs as opposed to a Facebook page.

Note – they do a much better job of articulating the beauty and things to do in Charlottesville than this theme-park-ish map of Charlottesville from 2007.

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