Downtown Charlottesville Expanding

Essentially, that’s what’s going to happen if this Strategic Investment Area plan in the the City of Charlottesville comes to fruition – even in part.

More bike lanes, more connectivity, more density – Charlottesville could truly become more citified through the implementation of these proposals.

“It’s the center of the town, people live there, there are no cars and it’s wonderful,” Kuttner said. “This is such an amazing opportunity.”

The centerpiece of the plan is a linear park that would span the study area. A stream would flow through a central plaza on the Ix property to provide a public gathering place. Meadows and gardens would be created to filter stormwater. 
“There’s been a big focus on moving on this city to be a more green city,” Quill said. 

Several streets would be reconfigured with bike lanes and wider sidewalks. Second Street Southeast and Garret Street would be modified to accommodate additional buildings. 

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Click through to read the options presented to the City, or download the PDF here.

PPT – Three Scenarios 5-16-13 Updated 5-24-13[1]

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