Charlottesville’s 2013 Comprehensive Plan Adopted

Charlottesville Tomorrow reports that the City of Charlottesville has adopted their comprehensive plan.

The most substantial revisions were made to the city’s housing chapter. To help the city meet its goal of having 15 percent of housing units classified as “affordable” by 2025, an emphasis will be placed on rehabilitating existing housing, and partnerships will be encouraged to promote workforce housing.

Looks like I have some reading to do on how the Plan will/might affect my clients.

In good news:

Shortly before adoption, the council held a final debate about language in the plan. Smith called for a goal that said the city should “consider the effect of housing decisions when considering the proximity of existing units and the effects of unit location on schools, neighborhood demographics and associated infrastructure.”

Councilor Dave Norris made a motion to move that language to a separate goal calling for an inventory where affordable housing current exists and where future opportunities lie.

“I don’t want to have anything in our plan that enshrines the possibility of redlining affordable housing in the community,” Norris said.  He added his suggested amendment would better connect low-income residents with opportunities in the rest of the city”

Good. Government really need not be in the practice of identifying who will live where.

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