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Which Charlottesville Neighborhood will have the First EV Charging Stations?

Electric car charging station

I can’t imagine that we won’t see charging stations in at least one new Charlottesville neighborhood in the next two years.

UVA has a charging station on in the parking garage on Central Grounds. And apparently Colonial Nissan has a charging station as well. The new Arden Place apartments have an EV plug. I thought I’d heard that the new Stonefield shopping center would have one.

But … which neighborhood will have charging stations? Which builder will offer them first? If the cost is really about $200, it seems like a no-brainer option, right?

Here’s hoping the City of Charlottesville doesn’t take this upon themselves to legislate as Palo Alto just has … we’re not close to Tesla, after all.

The city council in Palo Alto, California, unanimously voted Monday night to make a small change to the city’s building code that signals a big shift in the future of private transportation. Now, every new home constructed in town will have to come pre-wired with the ability to charge electric vehicles, a move designed to ensure the city that’s home to cutting-edge car-maker Tesla will also be home to the EV industry’s early-adopting consumers.

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Listen to Zillow – Pay Little Attention to the Zestimate

I’ve written this for years. And Jay at Zillow has written it in a way that hopefully now consumers will lend credence to my words: (bolding mine)

But (a Zestimate is) not accurate enough to determine what price to set for a home about to go on the market, or what price to offer on a home. The Zestimate isn’t intended to be used like that.

But – they used to aspire to consumers using the zestimate to negotiate and thankfully and rightly removed that language.

One day though, Zillow might be right(er).

Zillow is awfully popular though.

Google Trends - Web Search interest_ zillow, - Worldwide, 2004 - present.jpg

So, thanks Jay for the post. 🙂

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