Charlottesville’s Homogenization Continues

Great story by Sean Tubbs with Charlottesville Tomorrow

Anderson’s Carriage Food House on Barracks Road and C’Ville Market on Carlton Avenue both closed for the final time on Friday, with managers of each store citing tough competition as one reason for going out of business.

Nice usage of “-monger” in the story, too.

Homogenization is not what makes Charlottesville special; but that’s economics.

This reminds me of the Sneak Reviews story. Sneak Reviews succumbed and closed in 2015.

“Everyone’s just adjusted to the fact that, like a lot of good things in Charlottesville, this is going out. Charlottesville is going to lose its own personality and it’s just going to become an extension of Northern Virginia, at the rate that it’s going,” says Tramontin. As Sneak Reviews and others close their doors for good, it’s apparent that the loss of such cultural institutions has as significant an impact as their contributions to our community once did.

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