Radio Recap from WNRN 7 September 2014

Today was an interesting radio show – some real estate and more community, community building, and becoming part of the community. I’m going to update this post with detailed show notes, but in the meantime, the podcast is here.

Enormous thanks to those who responded so quickly on twitter to my question – how do you assess/define community? (I’d say community is something that helps answer a question about community quickly!)

A few stories we discussed:

Pipeline stories:

And via facebook:

Rebecca: Not sure, but I think it has something to do with a feeling of welcomeness and inclusion to participate in the local goings-on, socially, politically, and philanthropically. Some days, that just boils down to seeing folks you know at the city market.

(this is how I started to prepare for the show)

Prepping for real estate radio.jpg

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