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VA’s General Assembly Spring 2015 Nearly Back in Session

It’s that time of the year again, when the Virginia General Assembly convenes to kill bills in committees, pass commendations of citizens, and I try to track the bills that are interesting (to me) and relevant to my little segment of the real estate world.

These are all the bills that I’m tracking on Richmond Sunlight, if you’re interested, ranging from foreclosure procedures to milk production to photo red enforcement to the decriminalization of marijuana. There’s a lot the government tries to mess with.

Three bills to give a taste of what’s interesting in the Virginia General Assembly this year are –

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A Reason to Support Boring Local Media

Boring matters. Piecing together minute pieces over time matters.

Supporting beat reporters who go to boring public meetings is a crucial component of a free society.

Local media – local beat reporters specifically – the ones who go to the boring-est meetings when we can’t (or won’t) – matter. Seeing pictures of Neil and/or Sean as the lone attendees at public meetings makes me ever more thankful that they’re where they are.

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