Match Day 2015 – Will UVA Medical Residents Buy Homes This Year?

Match Day!

I have written about Match Day at UVA every year since 20015. After the (ahem) correction of 2006-2012, I wrote in 2013 wondering if that would be the year that UVA Medical Residents bought homes again; and some did.

In 2012, I was concerned about massive student loan debt. In 2011, I wrote about how the buyer who purchased and sold within a 5 year window was gone.

Yet one of my favorite Match Day emails was this in 2008:

Unfortunately I matched at my second choice not my first … definitely a bit disappointed but still excited to get the next part of my life started. THANK YOU for being such a wonderful resource for me these last few months – I have  learned a lot… and I appreciate the time you spent with me. I had a very good experience with you and will definitely recommend you to the 23 members of my class that did match at UVA =)

I’m curious to see what 2015 brings. If you’re a potential UVA Resident, I’d be happy to help you get acclimated to our area and market. Call (434-242-7140) or email me anytime. 

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