Charlottesville Neighborhoods

Update 29 October 2017: something odd is going on with this page; links to a lot of the videos are broken, and for some reason, I can’t edit this page. So ..

All the videos can be found on my youtube channel.



These are some of the neighborhoods in and around Charlottesville. I started doing these videos for out-of-town (actually country) clients and thought that I could save some time by putting them here for everyone … if you have a neighborhood you’d like me to record, let me know. If you’re moving to the Charlottesville area and are seeking a great buyer’s agent, please call or email me anytime.


Montgomery Ridge

Forest Lakes & Forest Lakes South


Quick tour of Jarman’s Gap Road & Downtown Crozet


Old Trail Village

Parkside Village

Peacock Hill

Waylands Grant

Western Ridge


Wickham Pond



Foxcroft neighborhood

Mill Creek

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