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“The Uglification of Virginia”

Sprawl is eroding the Commonwealth’s exceptional rural landscapes. Anyone concerned about Virginia’s quality of life and economic competitiveness should be worried.I can’t say that I disagree with his sentiments…. The idealist in me continues to firmly believe that smart growth can be accomplished – preserving natural resources, both below and above the surface, preserving the marketable views and landscapes, et…. I just haven’t yet figured out how to accomplish all this.

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Madison tax rates going up?

Madison County supervisors are considering a 3-cent higher real estate tax rate than needed to bring in the same money as last year, in their 2005-06 budget discussions.The numbers, however, are a little more complicated than that – and the tax rate isn’t going up….Some properties doubled or even tripled in value, and overall there was a significant increase, he said. If the county charged only 56 cents per $100 using the new assessments, it would yield the same $6.2 million revenue as this year.This is a regional and nationwide phenomenon. As property values increase, very rarely do the services provided by the municipalities increase by a commensurate amount.

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