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Listing Data Distribution Gets …

Via TechCrunch: ListHub products and services include syndication of 2.4 million property listings from 270+ multiple listing services and 38,000 brokers to more than 70 real estate marketing web sites, as well as data management services and reporting analysis used to monitor online listing performance.

…ListHub products and services include syndication of 2.4 million property listings from 270+ MLSs and 38,000 brokers to more than 70 real estate marketing web sites, as well as streamlined data management and reporting analysis used to monitor online listing performance. With the addition of the ListHub brand, Move will deliver even greater value to MLSs, brokers and real estate web sites as a single trusted source for national online listing syndication and reporting services empowering real estate professionals to reach more consumers while efficiently managing their online marketing strategy from one standardized dashboard. … Together, Move and ListHub will consult and work with key constituents in the real estate industry to demonstrate how its newly combined products and services can help MLSs, franchises, and brokers increase their online marketing effectiveness, safeguard the use of listing data, and reach more potential buyers and sellers efficiently through the national ListHub syndication network.

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Five Years of Real Estate Blogging

For my readers and clients (and potential clients) – please contact me anytime with questions about the Charlottesville regional real estate market, story suggestions, tips, I worked hard on last year’s “blog-iversary” post where I looked back at four years of blogging about the Charlottesville real estate market , so I won’t do the same this year. … I and we at Nest will just continue doing what we think is right for our clients; ” Dual Agency is not in the client’s best interest — it’s only in the agent’s best interest “.

…Tools don’t make you good at what you do – in my case, representing clients. – My archives are getting full. – I’m trying to stick with my roots – writing about the Charlottesville real estate market, growth, politics, etc. .

…I serve on the Charlottesville Realtor Association Board of Directors , a committee or workgroup here or there, just finished my fairly fruitless term on the Virginia Association of Realtors’ Public Policy Group, will be beginning service on a VAR Group tasked with evaluating Virginia’s Agency laws (because, since the early ’90’s “much has changed in real estate with the advent of new technologies, business practices and consumer expectations.”) and will continue to serve on National Association of Realtors Groups and Committees whenever I am asked.

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It’s All Confidential

Every email, instant message, phone call, text … basically any conversation that comes about because of this blog is considered by me – the owner and operator – to be confidential. The range of questions that I receive is broad and varied, ranging from home inspection process questions to questions about specific neighborhoods to “how much should I offer …” to questions about agency – and dual agency.

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If Can Do It, Can’t I?

Just curious – If is displaying sold data (data apparently not available in Charlottesville – yet, bolding mine) With some areas experiencing a 25 to 39 percent decrease in home prices in the third quarter, buyers need to remain competitive in potential bidding wars. Using ®, the #1 homes for sale Web site, buyers can track price changes on homes of interest, monitor actual sales data on nearby homes within 24 hours of a sale , and get the latest photos and video tours of thousands of Southern California properties.

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What’s a Beme?

Here’s the thing – more now than ever before, the brand that matters most to the real estate consumer is the value added by the individual Realtor, not the brand. (and I’ll bet I could back this up with statistics if I had the resources to pull off a survey) Of particular note regarding the current fragmentation of the real estate listings universe – (bolding mine) From silos to simultaneity . … Read more about silos and how the concept relates to MLS’ at Michael Wurzer’s FlexMLS blog, where he says , “NAR could create a non-profit that could be the ICANN for property IDs, and that would be valuable for tying together the efforts of those publishing real estate info on the web.

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