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Charlottesville Twitter Week in Review

@ TessOrtega I repeat my call for canceling this week, school during Spring Break and the first 3 weeks of June. in reply to TessOrtega #

… Really, really wish I’d written an article about # RTB radio for @ agentgenius Will do so next week.

… @ amywebb I like my idea of closing this week, canceling Spring Break and having school throughout June in reply to amywebb #

… @ ProfessionalOne Something will come of it when we have infiltrated NAR leadership. & by that time I’m concerned that “we” won’t care in reply to ProfessionalOne #

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Charlottesville Twitter Updates for Week Ending 7 February

RT @ TobyBoyce : I don’t care if you are fighting with your wife or other real estate agents. [fixed the “agents”] #

… RT @ DRPnet : I’m proposing a snow plan for schools-buses only run on main corridors & parents have to get kids to snow bus stops or 2 school.

… VDOT says “Any story that we are “expecting” 40-50 inches of snow is incorrect.” – But when will we have school again?

… Hey @ 511northwestva All the rumors I hear of snow coming in excess of 20 inches start with “VDOT says ..” – how much snow are you expecting?

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Charlottesville Twitter Week in Review

Summary of the Q & A before I left Crozet mtg:”we don’t like undefined change and we don’t trust government, so what are we supposed to do”?

… @ BLarsonMpls I’m waiting to hear what they say before I pass judgment, but they really should be out in front of this … the… http://post #

… @ JBern @lostangel I’m finding that those who have time & $ to move real estate industry have little incentive to do so. in reply to JBern #

… @ kvbuckley It’s not a matter of how professional other agents are; it’s a matter of making *everyone* more professional # RTB in reply to kvbuckley #

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Twitter Week in Review – Some Real Estate Conversations, Some Off-Topic

Great caller on @ CSPAN just now “throw them all the hell out and start a *real* third party” response “…and we’ll leave it right there” 🙂 #

… @ jolenta Long day of showing ahead tomorrow; I’ll get it done tonight w/ @docusign’s help and be done. in reply to jolenta #

… #SMCCVille’s Event today – Traditional Media and Social Media – If you can’t make it, ask questions using # SMCCVille #

… RT @tgonser: @ JimDuncan Dying to know the answer to “I love DocuSign but…” The blog image shows a red x.[try this ] #

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Tweets about Charlottesville – Snowpocalypse and more

I upgraded and now get a php error when trying to upgrade the db. 🙂 1st time in years I’ve had a problem in reply to briantercero #

…By 7, everyone should be home and then I’ll try for a Blue Mountain run. # beer in reply to joshcvt #

… RT @DailyProgress: @ JimDuncan Seems the problem is worse/larger than first thought. [Could they be more incompetent?]

… The consensus on the snow this weekend in Charlottesville – no one really knows how much snow we’ll get.

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Crozet Tweetup – 10 December

We’ve had Charlottesville Tweetups before . As Crozet continues its growth towards self-sufficiency – coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, Christmas trees – there are fewer and fewer reasons to come to Charlottesville (other than work … and even in that category Crozet has made progress over the past few years ) … now it’s time for a Crozet Tweetup . Date : 10 December Time : Noon – 2 Location : Fardowners in the Square in Crozet RSVP either via the twtvite below or in the comments … or email or Twitter …

Crozet Lunch Tweetup Just a friendly neighborhood lunch time get together…

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Charlottesville Real Estate – Twitter Week in Review

I want that content to ultimately live on my site, and the post also gives me a chance to review what I was discussing the previous week.

… RT @PhxREguy: House is now voting on the bill that includes amendment to extend / expand home buyer tax credit.

…SM won’t make you better at what you do; it’s just a tool # top10sm in reply to billlublin #

… So far, Charlottesville City voter turnout pretty much sucks. Albemarle’s not much better. 18 & 25%?

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