10 Most Frequently-Cited Stories When Meeting New Buyer Clients

Ok, it’s a few more than 10, but Buyer Brokerage really warrants (at least) 3 stories.

  1. Process of buying a home
  2. Buyer Brokerage
  3. How to search for a home in Charlottesville without a Realtor
  4. The buyer survey/interview I use when working with new buyer clients
  5. The two local lenders I recommend
  6. Using Google to find your triangles (this is important)
  7. When do homes come on the market in Charlottesville? – the data is dated, but the trend line is accurate
  8. Moving to Charlottesville – Lots of links
  9. Subscribe to either daily updates or monthly notes (I’ve found a lot of my readers and clients find a great deal of value in the monthly notes)
  10. Questions that buyers should be asking.
  11. What’s it like to work with Jim Duncan?


I don’t know why I haven’t done this before. These are some of the most-cited stories I send to new buyer clients.

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